As a man among men

As a quality and liberality

As goodness, validity

As unstable and just

Being sensitive and firm

Being steadfast in fondness

Really, I trust in you!

You're so unprecedented among men!

Both in your mind and will

You outperform in all skill

Your body is so strong

Slants favorable

In your work, so ace

Genuinely, I trust in you!

In your blessings so sharp

Your heart so liberal

With your reverence for data

In your output for the real world

With fine nature

With your unselfishness

Without a doubt I place stock in you!

I wish you Wealth, Success

Additionally, your heart's fulfillment

These in order to be yours

I know you are correct

Your lifestyle not dismiss

You appreciate what to pick

I place stock in You...



Warmth cloudiness and long, diminish horizons reached out far

Chill nighttimes consuming with a group star

Mixed by sentiments of contemplate and love

I get a handle on the two universes of earth or more

South, kookaburras with their mumbled mirth

North, curlews to irregular gagged cry imagine a posterity

East, they alert to sunrise over sea

In West, sun rises over land and lea

Formed terrain enveloped by blue

Old land, fuses Tasmania, also

Dryness of deserts and the flood of plain

Both experienced and both bring man torment

Points of confinement test the backbone of men and beasts

Starvations are prominent, similar to the feasts

We've bizarre platypus, emu, kangaroo

Cassowary, wallaby, wombat, too

The Southern Cross gleams in our skies amid the night

Once guided our sailors glad of the sight

Our country is enormous with more darker than green

In addition, in dull urban regions more people are seen

In any case, in various a heart is bolstered the dream

Of leaving to direct commonplace scene

Hoping to live in prosperity to full evaluate

Profiting by fortunes we prize

Here in this brilliant country of our own

With normal wonders of mountains, blooms

Of oceans and lakes and valleys and plain

Living free of war and battle's blood recolor

Future is free another approach to take after

Regard today, trust fortune's tomorrow

Our chance hard grabbed by statesmen through years

Not to be misused by trance eyes, almost deaf ears

Adaptability's unprecedented fortune is our own on this planet

Effort and dauntlessness help keep all its esteem

Wary cultivating of earth and of youth

Culture, dreams , dreams and new plans trialed.

Australian days - appreciate the experience of the sun

Besides, the starry skies when night has begun

Blended by my fondness for the earth and the sky

I offer my capacities of brain and eye..

To my country, dear nation of which I'm a segment

It's time everlasting esteemed significant and substantial in my heart.



Frilly white fogs slip past vision


Blue skies welcome and comfort my soul


Wrens shoot, fast, with flashes of blue


Lying on the green, fragile grass, I watch




So thoughtful the little lady in the red sari drives me

To my guest resting place, close to the impeccable internal yard

Where the family and colleagues, exhibiting guiltless idealistic thought

Watch curiously, as I die down into my home.

She has such quiet ways and tentative, this kind lady who drives me

To my fundamental little room close to the family yard

And every one of the relatives continue in their general ways

Empowering me to feel recognized as a noteworthy part of their family

Likewise, the consideration, style, normal goodness and delicacy

Of this unassuming Indian family so sensitive along these lines awesome

Affected me to love them and this country of India which raised them

Enhanced them with its old culture, knowledge and its life blood

I opened wide my focal center as making a publicizing

Searching for enter to know the magnificence of India's wonderful heart

Besides, I was coordinated to an internal safe house where guaranteed,

Best remnants of its social penchants remain secure

The beguiling of my resources was productive! My soul surrendered


I wound up one with the all inclusive community on the city roads and in the country


Such countless all inclusive community were so careful and beguiling

I got a handle on in my heart the inspiration of their havens

Likewise, perfumed farmland embellished with charming blooms

I appreciated the consecrated bovines, the incense of sandalwood

Captivated by their idea of a resting pooch

Lying unheeding in the point of convergence of a clamoring development crossing point

It was left undisturbed - the development composed around him!

The lovely, bejeweled ladies tinkling by with sweet walk

With deferential expressive essential talk and dumbfounding movements

They demonstrated refinement, preparing, and a quality locks in

Irrefutably bewildering, and various men nobler than their past English


Their love for custom and status showed up in dialog with specialists

In their intriguing working environments copying those of old explorer run the show

With legs a portion of the time set deliberately, coolly upon their work regions,

Or then again in their smoking, in which showed mimicry of past inclinations for

those in authority

In their nice use of telephone and current signs of "progress"

They would duplicate the leftovers left of British inclinations' run the show

I treasured their innocence, naivety and love of demonstrating so

genuinely, that if

They had the latest, material luxury it must be appeared

In case it was a hotter, by then it was set high warmed to its generally outrageous,

Also, if to cool, by then chilly it should the air advance toward getting to be

Exaggerating each one of the delights of their specific fortune

They yet pondered estimation of the most diminutive living thing as blessed

I found that, captivated by these sweet people

I ought to pull back my soul to get away from its country

Else for as long as I can remember here I'd live snared and charmed.



The Earth...

Earth's foundation - to earth itself

My veneration and driving forward sentiment of satisfaction

Provider of shape to all that we know and see

Springs Beauty from its Source into reflection.


I adore all blooms

Wild or created - little or mind blowing

All sprouts I appreciate, for I acknowledge

Each is a thought from God anticipated.


I spread my soul in flight

Right when skies are blue and free, unclouded

They offer quality and peace, sweeping

Skies comfort all with warmth secured


The primal waters

Which delivered all we know

Love and incentive here on the Earth

Our mystic Mother anchors and empowers us create!


I treasure them all

Their shapes and sizes, shades, character

They fill in as partners to all requiring spread

Man and savage, winged creature, each living creature.


To the significant one God

The Allness of everything for the duration of regular day to day existence

That which is with Nature dressed

Gets my total, significant soul's veneration.



No word, no stable to end the calm of my internal identity

Pass out echoes trembling, contact scopes of my halls of memory

Where inconspicuously live as clear mates of my being

These, private appearances of mine own insight

Their splendid puzzle content unadulterated, grasped by just me,

Unscarred by unsuccessful undertakings to agreeable with others

Who may not be unkind yet rather by unheeding word, hurt me

By not acknowledging, nor mindful nor are they kind

They deny, neglect, abhor signs of my friendly considerations

Furthermore, in this manner hurt my sensitive new-imagined thoughts, posterity of my mind,

In this way give torment, hurt the fragile nature

Of my mind itself -

Yea, beneficiaries of one's contemplations can exhibit unkind!

Thusly, to the internal calm of my cerebrum there I leave

Into ensured and blessed quietude of my inner contemplations

Where stately mansions, structures, longing contemplations

Energetically live and breath, exchanging, communing with Divine

My thoughts saw, achieved by mine own specific unadulterated soul being

Through office of veneration, through sharing puzzles of Space

With sky, sun, moon and stars and teachers of our race

I helpful with That amazing Power that gives life birth, and Grace.

Searching for from that to transmit plenitude of thought to characteristic place

Contemplations enthusiastic, creative, beneficial and clear

Exceptional love of life blending with worship for mankind

For those liberal -

Yea, the providers of their contemplations do show them kind!

With various mental adolescents left seized of human care

I would promptly share your considerations and should tune in, kind

I ne'er would hurt n